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Log Church

Circa 1890 Winter and Pond, Alaska State Library PCA 87-1105

This log building was Northern Light Presbyterian Church and, later, the Juneau Soda Works. It was in this log church the Rev. George Buzzelle held the first Episcopal services in Juneau on Trinity Sunday, June 8, 1895.

The following Saturday the Alaska Searchlight, a Juneau newspaper, reported:

Last Sunday the services held at the Log Cabin church and at the court house by Rev. George Buzzelle, were largely attended. Mr. Buzzelle is an eloquent preacher who is thoroughly conversant with western life. He expressed much gratification at the reception he had met with in Alaska and said that he felt sure some steps would soon be taken to organize an Episcopal church here. After the evening services many remained to talk over the plan of organizing a society and all seemed to favor it.
Organizational meetings were held in the fall, and a new church building was erected the following year.


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