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Holy Trinity Photo

Episcopal Church, Juneau

Circa 1903 W.H. Case, Holy Trinity Archives

This is one of the earliest close-up views of Holy Trinity. The church was built in 1896, and the stained glass windows were added in 1902. It was a one story structure built on a wood foundation as were most of the buildings in Juneau in that early day.

Construction on the building began in May, 1896, with the first services held in the new church on July 26, 1896. The rector extended the following invitation in the Alaska Searchlight:

TO THE PUBLIC:--the new Episcopal Church on Gold Street, which is to be known as Holy Trinity Church, is now so far completed that it is being used for services on Sundays. Stoves, seats and other necessary articles of furniture have been put in the church, and the rector wishes the people of Juneau to bear in mind that it will be open to all every Sunday at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. The seats are free and it is earnestly desired that worshipers may crowd the "courts of the Lord's house" every Lord's day. This beautiful building has been erected at considerable expense for the benefit of the people of Juneau, and only by attending its services can that benefit be attained. We are bidden to keep the seventh day holy and it has always been recognized that the practical way to do this is to assemble for worship during at least a portion of the day, and spend the time in prayer and praise and learning about holy things. Let us take advantage, then, of the opportunities while we may. Yours truly, HENRY BEER, Rector.
Shortly before World War I, the church was raised and a concrete foundation was placed under it, giving it a basement with a dirt floor and a coal burning hot-air furnace. A concrete floor, an oil furnace and an interior stairway leading up to the front vestibule were added later. In 1956, a parish hall was added to the building.


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