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This video shares the history of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Juneau, Alaska; the fire that destroyed it in March 2006; and the rebuilding process. Holy Trinity Church, originally built in 1896, was registered as a National Historic Landmark. McPhetres Hall was added in 1956 and was a landmark gathering place for the Juneau community. A fire destroyed both facilities on March 12, 2006.

Holy Trinity is an Episcopal Church and respects every person's intellectual reason, the wisdom of scripture, and the traditions of the church. Our worship and our outreach to the community help fulfill our mission to the world. For over a century, the sanctuary and McPhetres Hall were open to local community and arts groups of all types. As a result, our spaces were continually filled with myriad activities, including performances, meetings, and worship of many types.

We have a unique opportunity to build a new home and open our spaces for all the ways they can be used to uplift the spirit and serve others. Starting in 2009, we will begin welcoming our congregation and the community back into our new home as spaces are completed. As we work toward completing the rebuilding of our worship and community spaces, we are reaching out to our congregation, Episcopalians inside and outside of Alaska, the Juneau community, and art patrons everywhere to join us in making our vision a reality.

Video produced by Damon Stuebner and Rebecca Tyson Smith
Copyright 2009 Holy Trinity Episcopal Church; Juneau, Alaska

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